Rental Stories

A Tale of Two Tenants

If you don’t think you need a rental agent to help you manage your rental property, consider these two tales of trainwreck-y landlord/tenant relations from the archives of the personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly: 1. The tenant who cost his landlord over $13,000 in lost  rent over a broken […]

Reggie Brown

Rental Owner Interview: Reggie Brown

Seattle landlord Reggie Brown has owned his two current rental property for approximately five years, and owned small properties “on and off” for more than a decade. RAG: In your view, what are the most important factors in maximizing a rental  property’s cash flow? RB: The big keys are stable […]

Rental Agent Interview: Tony Strobel

Rental Agent Guide got in touch with Tony Strobel, a rental agent with Lori Gill & Associates, a Seattle-based property management firm, to learn more about his role. RAG: How did you become a rental agent? TS: I’d been working as a sales agent since 2000.  In 2008 I was […]