Rental Agent Interview: Tony Strobel

Rental Agent Guide got in touch with Tony Strobel, a rental agent with Lori Gill & Associates, a Seattle-based property management firm, to learn more about his role.

RAG: How did you become a rental agent?

TS: I’d been working as a sales agent since 2000.  In 2008 I was in trouble with my personal residence and was trying to figure out if I should short sell it or rent it.  I interviewed an agent from Windermere Property Management, and by the end of our conversation she recommended that I come interview and see if property management was something that I might be interested in doing.  It was very easy transition, and I am very happy that I made the move.

RAG: Who is your typical client?

TS: My clients are mostly owners who’ve taken employment out of state.  They purchased their home within the past 5-6 years and are not able to sell, so plan to hold onto the home and rent it until the sales market strengthens.

 RAG:  What types of tasks do you perform on an average day?

TS: My average day might include any and all of the following:

  • Responding to owner questions/concerns
  • Responding to tenants questions/concerns/maintenance requests
  • Keeping current listing owners updated on any new/recent activity
  • Screening applicants
  • Writing leases
  • Doing move-in and move-out inspections
  • Doing periodic inspections of all of the homes I manage.  Currently I manage 65 homes, and visit each of them once every 6 months.
  • Going on listing appointments
  • Approving invoices to be paid
  • Giving rental advice to sales agents who have investor buyers
  • Emailing rental market analysis for potential new web, email, and phone-in clients

RAG: What are some of the difficult tasks/situations your skill set allows you to handle efficiently, that your clients might struggle to do on their own?

TS: A few things:

  • We offer a 24-hour emergency call service.
  • Most of our clients are out of state, so virtually all maintenance related work that needs to be done would be a challenge, all inspections would be difficult and expensive for them to fly into town to perform, knowing if the yard was being cared for, gutters needed to be cleaned, etc.
  • Knowledge of the landlord tenant law, lease enforcement, collections, evictions, etc.
  • We have a full accounting department which keeps an accurate accounting of all rental income and expenses, and prepares a 1099 at year end.

 RAG: Any advice for new rental property owners?

TS: Hire a professional rental management company.  🙂

Thanks, Tony!


About the Lori Gill & Associates

At Windermere Property Management, Lori Gill & Associates, we’re committed to providing rental property owners with unparalleled customer service and peace-of-mind. Through years of experience, our team has developed a streamlined management system that has proven to be one the most efficient and lucrative in our industry. As an owner, you can feel confident knowing that your home(s) are being cared for by the tenants we place, and that your are receiving the maximum return on your investment because we know our market, and we know our business.  Coverage areas include Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Issaquah, Sammamish, Renton, Snoqualmie, North Bend, Woodinville, Carnation, and Mill Creek.