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A Tale of Two Tenants

If you don’t think you need a rental agent to help you manage your rental property, consider these two tales of trainwreck-y landlord/tenant relations from the archives of the personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly: 1. The tenant who cost his landlord over $13,000 in lost  rent over a broken […]

Rental Owner Interview: Reggie Brown

Seattle landlord Reggie Brown has owned his two current rental property for approximately five years, and owned small properties “on and off” for more than a decade. RAG: In your view, what are the most important factors in maximizing a rental  property’s cash flow? RB: The big keys are stable […]

Reggie Brown

Should I use a rental agent, or go DIY? 1

For most rental owners who aren’t making careers out of being full-time landlords, the decision to use a rental agent is an easy choice—most people simply don’t have time or expertise to deal with all the aspects of renting out their vacant home or apartment. From finding and screening tenants, […]

rental agent or diy