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Welcome to Rental Agent Guide!  Whether you’re a homeowner looking to rent your current house when you move or a professional income property investor, we’ll help you find the right rental manager to  lease and maintain your rental.

Read our Rental Agent FAQ to learn how a rental agent can help you, what you should be looking for in the company you hire, and how rental management companies save you money.

Check out profiles of rental agents, rental owners, and tenants in our Rental Stories section, then jump over to Ask Rental Agent Guide to get advice from our expert staff on common dilemmas facing landlords.

When you’re ready to find a rental agent, you can use our database, which includes thousands of rental agents from all over the country. Search by zip code and property type to find rental management companies in your area, then get free quotes.

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If you have a question for “Ask Rental Agent Guide,” send it to askRAG@rentalagentguide.com. We’ll notify you when the answer to your question has been posted on the site.